“ささけんの部屋(Room in Sasaken)” is a blog of Sasaken.


A diary and an idea are written on a blog.

Advertisement isn’t probably put on a blog.

An examination of Google Adsense advertisement passed, so it’s being stuck on the right column and a running foot.

There is no intention from which I get advertising revenue by this blog, so advertisement isn’t stuck in the article. It becomes difficult to read and.


What kind of article is written?


Please remember blog culture around the first half in 2000 ‘s. It’s that.

Not the thing for even the sentences someone can charm to get the profit by advertisement, but complacence and, the future, the living log to look back.

We’re the blog media made by oneself, so the renewal frequency is irregular.

Without also worrying about SEO, it’s written.




When there is some comment, please make a contact by Twitter and a mail.

Thank you.(`・ω・´)ゞ



(I’m not good at English, so grammar may be strange……)